Additional Services

Parent Child Interaction therapy (PCIT)-
In approx. 12-15 weeks of treatment (made up of two parts): Part One: The relationship enhancement component, parents and their children are taught and coached how to decrease negative aspects of their relationship and to develop consistently positive and
supportive communication. In Part II: the Strategies for Compliance component, parents are taught and coached the elements of effective discipline and child management skills. Parents learn and acquire specific skills, practice these skills until mastery is achieved and the child’s specific behavioral problems have improved.

Online PCIT Therapy Available

Parent Support/ Martial Therapy
Individual or Couple sessions with caregivers can be provided to help parents obtain insight, improve their relationships, learn concrete evidence-based tools that work, and the ability overcome personal barriers that might have previously impeding their
ability to make the changes that they would like.

School- Consultation – We offer liaison-services between your child and your school to facilitate communication and treatment planning. Our clinicians may consult directly with teachers, help develop accommodation plans (e.g., 504 plans) and assist with the Special
Education processes (when indicated).

Support Groups and Group Counseling -Small group sessions are offered. Our groups address a variety of topics including social skills, anger management, adjustment problems, parenting stress and more. Participation in these evidence-based group programs facilitates social and personal growth. Our groups are no larger than six people and are available for children, adolescents, and adults.

Referrals – for pharmacological/psychiatric evaluation are provided when necessary. Our clinicians work closely with local pediatricians, family physicians, psychiatrists,
tutors, consultants, and spiritual members of the community to ensure the highest level of appropriate care when needed.

Telephone Consultation – Telephone consultation is available by request. Our staff is exceptionally well-trained with clinical experience in numerous settings pertinent to children and their families and can assist you at your convenience.

Workshops, lectures, and in-services -are offered to a variety of organizations including school districts, public libraries, PTA and centers of worship. Topics covered include
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), child and adolescent depression/anxiety, stress & anger management, insomnia, classroom management, behavior modification, psychological and educational testing, social skills, and parenting the defiant child.

Psychological & Educational Testing for Children and Adults – A child can experience difficulties with school for many different reasons. To determine if learning, attentional, verbal, social, and/or emotional problems are interfering with functioning, a diagnostic psychological evaluation may be very helpful. Psychological testing may hold the key in determining why a child is not finding success in the school setting. Our staff will work with you, your child, and school personnel to obtain the answer. All evaluations are individualized to meet your child’s specific needs. Our psychological services employ state-of-the-art testing measures. Some of the cognitive/intelligence tests that we use include the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children- Fourth Edition (WISC-IV) and the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV). Moreover, we have instruments to evaluate for personality, social and emotional factors. Educational testing is available to assess academic achievement levels including reading, writing,
mathematical skills and comprehension abilities. Testing for Attention
Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children, adolescents and adults is
one of our several specialties.

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