Parent of Faith, formerly known as “Miss Bossy” (5 year old girl)

“Prior to my divorce, Faith had been subjected to a lot of hostility and just generally bad behavior by her father. Following our split, Faith had trouble sleeping in her bed, refused to follow directions, became fearful of the potty, and would tantrum whenever she didn’t get her way. I had a lot of guilt from what she had been through. Faith would try to tell me what to do and I tried negotiating with her but it made it worse. The first part of the PCIT process was great because I felt like we got closer and I got her to change a majority of her problem behaviors. Her bossiness and tantruming seriously went down as well. Following the second part of the process, I was able to take control back, taught Faith how to respond to limits, and helped her work through her potty fears. Having the direction of the therapist let me do the work that turned Faith around, and I strongly believe with what I learned I will be able to solve future issues that may come. PCIT was truly life changing.
Thank you so much for your great work!”

Wendy T, Irvine, CA

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