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PCIT is a proven treatment method for children between the ages of 2 and 8 years old with disruptive behaviors (e.g.., aggression, non-compliance, defiance, and temper tantrums) and their families.

PCIT gives equal attention to the parent-child relationship and to parents’ behavior management skills. PCIT enhances parent-child interactions, improves children’s behavior, and empowers parents to use consistent, predictable, effective parenting strategies that work. The main reason why PCIT leads to behavior-change is the unique dual focus. Parents learn specific behavioral and relationship enhancement methods that make the child WANT to comply. Parents receive immediate feedback in session and are offered support, guidance, and encouragement as they learn to build a better relationship while getting their child’s behaviors under better control.

PCIT has two components that work together to lead to long-term change:

In the Relationship Enhancement component, parents and children are taught and coached how to decrease negative aspects of the relationship and to develop consistently positive and supportive communication.

In the Strategies for Compliance component, parents and children are taught and coached the elements of effective discipline and behavior-management skills. Parents learn and acquire specific skills, practice these skills until they are mastered and the child’s behavior has improved.

Parent-Child Care (PC-CARE) is a 6-session treatment program for families that want to improve caregiver-child relationships and are willing to learn new child behavior management strategies. It serves families with children ages 1 to 10 years. Each week the caregiver and child attend a 1-hour session for a total of 7 weeks (including 1 pre-treatment assessment and behavior observation and 6 weeks of coaching sessions).

The support we received, the consultations with the school, the extra coaching support at home all exceeded our expectations. It gave us what we needed to help Chris. My wife and I are using the skills with each other and we actually had dinner and a movie out! We are making good progress – I recommend PCIT 100%.

Jeff GNewport Coast

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We believe one of our most important assets is our people. Our team of experienced, dedicated and compassionate therapists are committed to facilitating hope and better quality of life for each and every client that comes to us. We develop and implement customized, high-intensity programs that making measurable changes in behavior and equip parents with the tools for continued growth.

Dr. Paul DePompo

founder of the PCIT Institute of Southern California

For over a decade DePompo has utilized his no-nonsense approach to successfully treat adults and adolescents with short-term methods that work. Realizing there was a shortage of evidence-based treatments for his client’s with children 2-8 years of age, DePompo, a traditionally trained cognitive behavioral therapist, began effectively using PCIT and CBT with these families.

He attended NYU while earning his Bachelor’s degree and earned his Master’s and Doctoral Degrees at the California School of Professional Psychology. He is Board Certified in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and is a Diplomate of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy, as well as an associate fellow and REBT-CBT supervisor of the Albert Ellis Institute. He teaches REBT-CBT and PCIT at multiple graduate schools in Orange County and was trained in PCIT by UC Davis, CAARE Team. He has been the lead trainer of PCIT for the largest County-contracted facility in Orange County.

You can see Paul DePompo’s work with Adults and Couples at

Misa Butsuhara

LMFT, specializes in CBT and working with Couples.

She also specializes in working with families with issues related to child behavioral problems, divorce-transition, and families with adolescents transitioning to adulthood. She attended Fordham University, where she graduated summa cum laude and with honors, having conducted her own research study on objective mood measures. She went on to attend Pepperdine University, earning her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. Misa worked as a therapist at the Pepperdine University Community Counseling Center in Irvine and College Hospital in Costa Mesa, conducting individual, group, and family therapy sessions.

Cassandra Moore


Cassandra Moore has advanced training in RE-CBT and Parent-Child Interaction therapy and provides individual, family and group therapy to treat a variety of problems including ADHD, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders. Cassandra has extensive experience working with families with children from 2 to 9 years old experiencing anxiety disorders including separation anxiety, social phobia, and generalized anxiety disorder as well as ADHD, physical and verbal aggression and mood disorders. She is a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist and collaborates with Dr. Paul DePompo at the Institute. Attending The University of California Irvine, Cassandra received a Bachelor’s of Arts in both Psychology & Social Behavior. Cassandra went on to receive her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology specializing in Marital and Family Therapy through The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Jose Muratalla

B.S. Behavior Specialist

Jose Muratalla has teamed up for over 15 years working with children and families who face such problems as: ADHD, Oppositional defiant/Conduct Disorder, Autism, Anxiety, and Depression. He earned his Bachelor’s of Science at California State University, Dominquez Hills. He has served as Head TBS coach for WYS and has taught in multiple workshops educating Orange County behavior specialists and worked individually and in groups teaching crisis intervention and parent-training skills.

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