“Chris was out of control. Parenting as I was parented was not working, he didn’t seem to care about anything, and grandma and I were at a loss. He wasn’t sleeping, could not him off his game, get him to sit at the table, get dressed, and mealtimes were a complete nightmare. We hadn’t been able to eat out in I don’t know how long. The PCIT plan was geared right to our needs. The skills that we learned were practiced with the therapist in sessions and then later during the five minute home tasks. The support we received, the consultations with the school, the extra coaching support at home all exceeded our expectations. It gave us what we needed to help Chris. My wife and I are using the skills with each other and we actually had dinner and a movie out! We are making good progress – I recommend PCIT 100%.”

Grandfather of Christopher (4 year-old boy with defiance)